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Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
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Our mission is to support persons injured in accidents of all kinds.
We deal with both new cases (in a situation when the claim has not been filed yet), on-going cases (when liquidation proceedings are ongoing) and completed cases on which the decision of the insurance company has been issued (the compensation paid out is lowered or the insurance company refused to pay out the compensation). In case of occurrence of any doubts pertaining to the event itself, the size of damage, the amount of compensation, grounds for refusal to pay out the compensation you may call our consultant or fill in the claim notification form.
Our law firm’s special offer relates to transportation accident casualties; without preliminary fees and advance payments we enforce compensation, disability pensions, damages from insurance companies on account of the accident perpetrator’s third party liability insurance. We handle the case in a comprehensive manner, by the moment of payment of compensation. The commission on the amount paid out is our payment, we do not charge any amounts in advance.
Using the Law Firm’s services you will be offered:
  • comprehensive legal assessment of the event,
  • price valuation of the material damage by appraisers,
  • representation before court.
We deal with personal injuries, motor insurance claims and material damage. In case of bodily harm or health disorder we use the expertise of experienced doctors, and in cases pertaining to property damage we cooperate with experienced court experts and appraisers.

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