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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law . Bankruptcy Law
Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
The Law Firm provides legal aid to creditors, bankrupts and entrepreneurs at risk of bankruptcy.
To those at risk of bankruptcy we offer:
  • preparation of the company restructuring plans,
  • negotiations with creditors for the purpose of determination of the debt repayment schedule,
  • negotiations with creditors for the purpose of conducting bankruptcy proceedings open to arrangements.


To creditors and bankrupts we offer:


  • preparation and submission of applications for declaration of bankruptcy,
  • consulting and negotiations within the framework of arrangement proposal drafting,
  • arrangement implementation legal service,<
  • lodging claims to the bankruptcy estate,
  • representing creditors and bankrupts in bankruptcy proceedings,
  • raising objections to insolvency lists and distribution plans,
  • conducting cases connected with management board members’ liability for obligations.

Bankruptcy Law. Kancelaria Prawna i Finansowa PARTNERZY Gdańsk - Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk

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