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Labour Law

Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
Kancelaria Gdańsk
Kancelaria prawno finansowa
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The Law Firm offers comprehensive legal services in the scope of labour law. In particular:
  • we prepare draft employment contracts, managerial contracts and non-competition agreements.
  • we consult as regards collective redundancies, we express opinion on collective labour agreements, we prepare draft work rules and regulations, draft rules and regulations pertaining to: remunerations, bonuses, jubilee prizes, employee benefit fund and other company documents.
  • we consult as regards takeover of employees by another employer and as regards the merger, division and sale of an employer’s enterprise or its organized part.
  • we participate in negotiations and we advise on disputes with trade unions.
In case of a court dispute we assure consulting and representation before labour court, in particular in cases for:
  • establishment, change or termination of employment relationship,
  • determination of employment relationship
  • harassment, mobbing and discrimination.

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