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Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
Bankruptcy Law . Bankruptcy Law
Kancelaria prawna Gdańskodszkodowania stłuczka kolizja wypadek samochodowy kierowca pasażer OC AC assistance auto samochód rower skuter motor komunikacja polisa

The Law Firm successfully represents Clients before courts of all instances, also before the Supreme Court, in all kinds of proceedings and at all stages. Prior to the commencement of the court suit, we aim at amicable settlement of a dispute. Negotiations is the best way to reach an agreement in order to mitigate a conflict and reach                a consensus. We have many-year experience in commercial negotiations, we have the ability of effective persuasion.

In case of conducting a court case, the law firm offers:
  • elaboration of the concept and the strategy for conducting a court dispute,
  • preparation of evidence on the case,
  • preparation of suits, motions, responses to suits, appeals, complaints in cessation and other procedural writs,
  • elaboration of draft court settlements
  • representation in ordinary proceedings, payment-order proceedings, writ of payment proceedings, simplified proceedings, proceedings to secure claims and enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings and recovery proceedings,
  • monitoring of enforcement proceedings by means of constant cooperation with bailiffs.

Procedural. Kancelaria Prawna i Finansowa PARTNERZY Gdańsk - Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk

Kancelaria Prawno-Finansowa PARTNERZY