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Real Property Law




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Our lawyers have extensive experience in matters, the subject matter of which is real property.               We specialize in conducting court proceedings, including in particular:
  • land and mortgage register proceedings
  • expropriation
  • acquisitive prescription
  • co-ownership dissolution
  • establishment of easement by necessity
  • we remedy legal defects of real properties
Moreover, we offer comprehensive legal services as regards real property trading and broadly understood investment process. We analyse and settle the legal status of real properties, we prepare sales agreements, we establish collateral. In addition, we participate in business negotiations, including with banks.
We also deal with:
  • representation before municipality/commune bodies and surveying departments, architecture departments etc.
  • legal audit of real property
  • legal analysis of real property and companies being owners or users of land properties. We identify risk, we advise how to limit and eliminate it.
  • legal service of investment projects, the subject matter of which is the construction of commercial, residential, office, warehouse or industrial buildings
  • negotiating investment agreements and executory agreements
  • legal aid in the scope of real property and tenants’ association management
Moreover, we offer the preparation of developer agreements, real property sale agreements, investment agreements, rental agreements, lease agreements, real property management agreements.

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