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Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
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The law firm participates in the implementation of the development policy in many enterprises by means of effectively applying for non-repayable subsidies, among others, subsidies from many various funds, including the EU funds. We offer diversified services adjusting the options at hand to your needs.           EU subsidies has been our specialization for nearly 3 years.

We offer, in particular, comprehensive assistance in acquiring subsidies for the implementation of investment projects, including innovative projects. In connection with the next period of programming for years 2014-2020, Poland will receive ca. EUR 82.5 billion from the European Union’s structures. Polish companies will be able to apply for numerous competitions both on the regional and national level.

Depending on many aspects e.g. the location, the investment value or the nature of the project, our specialists will elaborate a cooperation proposal, after which they will select a relevant Programme and action plan and they will prepare comprehensive documentation in order to acquire funds for the implementation of the project.

The process of applying for funds is a multi-stage one. It comprises, among others:
  • free-of-charge analysis of options as regards fund acquisition
  • signing of an application preparation agreement
  • preparation of application documentation
  • support as regards the application processing
  • supervision over the project implementation and settlement thereof

On our side, we offer a comprehensive scope of services aimed at obtaining actual proceeds. In years 2007-2013 companies obtained tens of billions Euro of support. The amounts obtained allowed for dynamic development of the Polish economy, employment growth, elaboration and commercialization of many ideas and technological innovations. Soon there will come new opportunities of applying for subsidies. The total budget, quite generously provided for the aforementioned purposes, provides thousands of companies with a new opportunity for acquiring financing, the lack of which constitutes a major development obstacle.

We are looking forward to doing business with you!

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