Our mission is to assist people who have been injured in all types of accidents so that in the end you can receive the compensation that you certainly deserve.

We handle cases at every stage of the liquidation procedure. If you have any doubts regarding the event itself, the extent of the damage, the amount of compensation or the reason for refusing to pay, you can call our consultant or fill out the contact form.


The special offer of our law office applies to victims of traffic accidents. We obtain compensation, pensions and indemnities from the insurance companies for the liability insurance of the person who caused the accident, without you having to pay any fees or advance payments first.

We handle the case comprehensively until the compensation is paid. Our compensation is a commission on the amount paid, we do not charge any fees before that.


If you use the services of our law firm, you will benefit:

  • a comprehensive legal evaluation of the event,
  • an expert assessment of the property damage,
  • representation in court.


We deal with personal injury, traffic damage and property damage. In the case of personal injury or damage to health, we draw on the expertise of experienced specialists; in the case of property damage, we work with court experts and surveyors.

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