Our law firm provides reliable legal assistance at every stage of the proceedings. We focus on the effectiveness and high quality of debt collection services. We use all legally possible forms of pressure on the debtor to recover our clients’ money as quickly as possible.


Plain pre-court recovery:

Amicable debt collection is a service in which we recover debts due on behalf of our clients, including those that are already time-barred. Statistics show that a rapid response and consistent pursuit of receivables are fundamental to the efficiency of the collection process. The amicable procedure enables fast collection without unnecessary formalities and additional costs.

Measures taken in the course of a debt collection procedure:

  • sends demands for payment,
  • represents the creditor in court proceedings to settle outstanding debts,
  • files petitions for bankruptcy of the debtor,
  • takes steps to disclose the debtor’s assets,
  • monitors enforcement proceedings through constant cooperation with bailiffs.


For clients (creditors) who have financial problems (due to unpaid debts of debtors), we have very favorable conditions for cooperation.

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