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Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk
Kancelaria prawna gdansk . odszkodowania . stłuczka . kolizja . wypadek . samochodowy . kierowca . pasażer . OC . AC . assistance . auto . samochód . rower . skuter . motor . komunikacja . polisa

The Law Firm helps in negotiating difficult and atypical contracts. We assure comprehensive legal service at performance of contracts at each stage. We render legal aid when establishing material collateral of receivables, providing surety, guarantee etc. Within the framework of legal services the Law Firm prepares, analyses, negotiates, expresses opinion (with respect to securing the Client’s interests and taking the Client’s specific needs into consideration):


  • civil law contracts, including innominate contracts,
  • commercial contracts,
  • agreements, settlements, letters of intent,
  • general terms of contracts.


In particular, we offer services in the scope of preparation of such contracts as:
  • mandate contract, contract for performance of a specific task, contracts for services,
  • contracts for purchase and sale of fixed assets components and intangible assets,
  • debt assignment agreements,
  • donation agreements,
  • lend for use agreements,
  • lease and rental agreements,
  • loan agreements.

Civil Law. Kancelaria Prawna i Finansowa PARTNERZY Gdańsk - Kancelaria prawna Gdańsk

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Kancelaria Prawna Gdańsk
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