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Criminal Law

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The Law Firm renders services in the scope of criminal law, misdemeanour law and penal execution law i.e.:
  • a suspect’s defence in preparatory proceedings (inquiry, investigation or explanatory proceedings in proceedings in misdemeanor cases) conducted by the prosecutor’s office, the Police, municipal police, border patrol, tax offices, customs offices and other bodies entitled to law enforcement (including tax offices),
  • defence of a defendant in court proceedings before courts of all instances i.e. both before the court of first instance (district court or regional court) and before the court of appeal (regional court or the court of appeal) and before the Supreme Court with special consideration of offences against safety to transportation (among others causing a traffic disaster, a road accident), offences against property (among others thefts, burglary and theft, appropriation or destruction of property) and economic crimes,
  • representation of offence injured persons at the stage of preparatory proceedings and court proceedings (representation of subsidiary prosecutors or claimants in penal proceedings),
  • representation of persons injured in offences prosecuted by private prosecution (among others: defamation, insult, breach of bodily integrity) consisting in preparation, filing and supporting private subsidiary indictment before court,
  • defence in executive proceedings (e.g. motions for deferment/prison leave; motions for parole, motions for spreading a fine into instalments or the fine remittance).

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