Our law firm provides services in the field of criminal law, misdemeanor law and executive criminal law. 

  1. Representation of the suspect in the proceedings:
  • preparatory (investigation, examination or explanation activities in proceedings for petty offenses),
  • carried out by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, police, municipal police, border guards, tax offices, customs offices and other bodies authorized to prosecute crimes and misdemeanors (including tax offenses).


  1. Defense of the accused in the trial:
  • court proceedings before all court instances, i.e. both before the court of first instance (district court or regional court),
  • before the court of appeal (district court or court of appeal).
  1. Representation:
  • persons injured as a result of a crime, at the preparatory and judicial stages (representation of joint plaintiffs and civil plaintiffs in criminal proceedings),
  • persons harmed as a result of crimes prosecuted by the prosecutor’s office (including defamation, insult, violation of physical integrity),
  • consists in preparation, filing and support of a private prosecution in court.
  1. Defense in enforcement proceedings (e.g., motions for postponement/termination of sentence; motions for conditional early release, motions for installment payment of a fine or its remission).

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